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New players often end up using the wrong hockey stick early on, hurting their game and creating unnecessary struggles. Finding the right hockey stick can be a tough choice, but you can help your player by following some simple rules.

Picking the Right Materials

Hockey Plus recommends composite sticks for young players for a variety of reasons. They are lightweight and less prone to warping over time, which makes them the easiest choice for players who are still learning and growing. A composite stick tends to last longer than a wooden stick and is much more stable since it comes in one piece.

When you buy Bauer Vapor hockey sticks, you’ll have options of pattern and flex. At this stage, pattern typically refers to which hand the stick is designed for. However, some youth models and models designed for older players will also offer variations in the type of curve, the depth and the face angle. The combination of these elements is designed to help players maneuver different positions and achieve certain goals, like a great slap shot.

Flex is a measure of stick flexibility. Flex ratings range from 40 to 110. Easton youth hockey sticks and those from other brands tend to be closer to 40 because they allow for more bending and puck control.

From Easton to CCM to Warrior, you can rest assured knowing Hockey Plus sells multiple sticks that your young player will love.

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We work hard to help you buy the youth hockey sticks and other pieces of hockey equipment that will improve your favorite hockey player’s performance on the ice. Our recommendations will show you the benefits of Easton youth hockey sticks and the differences you may expect if you decide to buy a Bauer Vapor hockey stick.

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If you have any questions, our dedicated staff will answer them and help you find the hockey stick that meets your needs. We’re happy to help you learn some of the basics to pick out a stick for your young player and walk you through grip, weight and other needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us — we’re always happy to spread the love of hockey to someone new.

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