Hockey Helmets and Masks

Hockey Plus offers a complete selection of hockey helmets, masks and all the accessories you need to get the best visibility and protection at the right price. Ask our experts about anything from proper fitting, cages, shields, visors or mouth guards from top brands like Bauer, Easton, Warrior, Reebok, CCM, Cascade and Oakley.

Hockey helmets are your best line of defense in the heat of any game, from friendly matches to pro-level tournaments. Here at Hockey Plus we can support your play habits with standard helmets through industry leaders like the Bauer Re-Akt 100. This and many other helmets we stock include multiple certifications to ensure they’re made properly and can withstand the impacts you’re likely to face on the ice.

You don’t want to get bogged down with excessive weight or left out to dry with less-than-needed protection. Our experts are here to help you pick out a helmet based on your needs — whatever they are. And we only recommend helmets designed to protect your player, no matter their age. We can also answer any questions about sizing, selection or new features. Most hockey helmets and masks now come with tool-free adjustment options that offer more comfort throughout the season.
Many of our models also come with combination options that combine a hockey helmet with needed face protection and a tool-free adjustment process. You’ll get dual-ridge crown protection, integrated ear covers and a strong foam inset to prevent harm from unavoidable contact during the game.

Hockey Helmet Masks

Hockey Plus also carries a top selection of face masks for hockey helmets built for different sizes and shapes.

When you buy Bauer hockey helmets, consider many of their available protection options — like the 9900 that comes in at 30% lighter than standard steel facemasks while still giving you stronger protection. The 9900 as well as the 5500, 5100 and more also provide a streamlined design that increases vision and stays secure through a smart chin cup.

The Bauer 8500 features an optimized oval design that enhances vision by 18%, with an included weight reduction that makes it great for your growing skater.

Get Started with Hockey Plus

You can buy hockey helmets online through Hockey Plus with no fuss or haggle. We give you straightforward pricing and the same support as in our store. You’ll get the best protection available on the market, and the best rates in town.

We’re proud to offer a full price match guarantee on our competitors. When you find a lower price on an item in stock, we’ll work with you match it and deliver our other benefits like free shipping on any order over $99.99.

Buying a hockey helmet online can come with some challenges, so talk to us today and we’ll ensure you get a model that fits. As you know, hockey helmets need to be snug and cover roughly half the forehead, extending down the side to protect the cheekbones. This can be tough to gauge online. But we here at Hockey Plus are hockey lovers through and through. That means we can judge based on the gear your player is currently using and recommend the right size and shape model to fit with comfort and protection.