Buy Youth Hockey Gloves

Hockey Plus is famous for helping growing players find the best senior ice hockey gloves that give them an added edge on the ice. We carry a wide selection of brands with extra features and colors that will let your player customize their gloves on their own.

Nothing is worse than a bad pair of gloves that make it hard to pass, shoot or handle the puck. Gloves that are too large will slip and harm your grip, while small gloves can make it hard to properly grasp and can leave you exposed when sticks come down hard.

Master the puck with the right pair of Warrior Junior or Bauer Supreme youth hockey gloves that deliver ultimate handling and comfort. And be sure to ask us about options for fabric liners and Polygiene inclusion. We know that when it comes to buying youth hockey gloves, keeping things comfortable and stick-free are top priorities for every parent and coach.

Great Brands

We carry a great lineup of junior gloves with all the colors, lengths and special features your skater needs. Brands we stock include Bauer Supreme and Vapor, CMM, Warrior Dynasty and Easton.

Our Bauer Supreme youth hockey gloves can be made to fit each playstyle, creating the right fit to give your player a competitive edge. Warrior Junior hockey gloves give you a traditional fit to balance precision and mobility with plenty of impact protection built in as well.

There are options for any budget, and every pair we stock is guaranteed to improve your game on the ice.

Best Prices on Youth Hockey Gloves

Hockey Plus knows the hockey business because we love it. Our staff is made up of players, enthusiasts and fans, so we know what equipment players of any age need. Gloves need to be able to protect growing hands and fingers, so we only stock the best in Warrior Junior and Bauer Supreme youth hockey gloves.

Great gloves not only keep hands safe, but they help you hold onto your stick and take control of the puck at any speed or angle. Without a good grip, the puck is always up for grabs. That’s why our team of professionals is here to help you buy youth hockey gloves — by pairing your player’s needs with our selection.
And when you find the pair that’s just right, you’ll love the price. We offer a lowest-price guarantee across all our gloves. Browse our catalog and pick out the top pair, and rest assured knowing that we’re the best deal you’ll find. If you come across a competitor offering a better rate, let us know immediately. We’ll hear you out and work with you to match our competitor’s prices.

You’re in great hands when you buy youth hockey gloves, skates, pads and more from Hockey Plus. Not only is everything a top value, but we offer free ground shipping on any order of $99.99 or more. Click on a great pair of gloves to get started!