Senior Ice Hockey Gloves

Hockey Plus is famous for helping growing players find the best senior ice hockey gloves that give them an edge on the ice. We carry a wide selection of brands with extra features and colors that let your player customize their gloves on their own.

We offer a strong line of Bauer senior hockey gloves and those from other brands that include stronger palm and thumb protection. You can also choose thinner options that provide flexibility for quick movement and top puck control.

Most senior gloves come in sizes including 13″, 14″ and 15″ to meet growing players and those with a strong preference.

Check Thumb Locks

From Bauer and CCM to Easton and Warrior Dynasty, senior hockey gloves offer thumb locks to prevent players from hyperextending and causing pain. Thumbs are one of the biggest danger areas for youth and senior when colliding on the ice.

Solid plastic inserts only flex in one direction and are a must-have when you go to buy senior hockey gloves. We here at Hockey Plus are experts on the ice, and we’re happy to explain the locks and what to look for so your player has a great grip with less risk.

Material Choices

Gone are the days of pure leather gloves and homemade sticks on the rink. Today, the best senior ice hockey gloves are made with durable, synthetic materials that keep water out.
Two of the most common options you’ll see when you shop senior ice hockey gloves are synthetic leather and nylon. Synthetic leather tends to be a tougher, heavier glove that’s tear-resistant. Nylon-shell gloves are lighter, and let your skin breathe a little more.

Many of our premium hockey gloves will combine both materials for their benefits in different parts of the hand. You’ve got great choices when you browse through our selection including Bauer senior ice hockey gloves.

Palms and Padding

Hockey Plus has a full catalog of senior hockey gloves designed to move with the player and maintain optimal control. Our selection includes traditional padded options that have larger pads across each finger with space around your joints. Other models will use many more pads across the top of your hand and fingers to provide a little less coverage but much more flexibility.

Another element to consider when you buy senior hockey gloves is the palm. You’ll be able to find many options designed for different play styles, including reinforced palms, different grip textures, mesh lining for breathability and absorption options to reduce shock from pucks, falls and more.

Recommended for Player, by Players

When Hockey Plus staff members recommend gloves and other products to you, it comes from a wealth of experience. We’re fans and enthusiasts who get out on the ice as much as we can.

Talk to us directly for help selecting the right senior ice hockey gloves for help measuring, picking features and getting the best price around. We’ve got almost endless options and offer a price guarantee on all of them. If you find a lower price somewhere else, we’ll work with you to match it.

And if you’re ordering online, remember that we provide free ground shipping on any order over $99.99. Browse our catalog or give us a call today and discover the best way to buy senior hockey gloves.