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Protective Gear

Hockey Plus / Protective Gear

Searching for the best hockey gear? You’ve come to the right place! Hockey Plus is a company dedicated to bringing you the best hockey gear possible. From helmets, to gloves, to pads, to shin guards, we have everything you need to max out your potential and become a better hockey player in the future. Not only are our products high quality, they are also affordable. If you find a lower price, we will gladly match it. Just call us and inform us on the price you found elsewhere and we will gladly match it for you! Where else can you find better customer service? If you are interested in taking your game to a higher level than feel free to browse our site! Our hockey gear includes:


Customers can find a huge selection of hockey helmets at a low price by visiting We sell the top brands in the industry including Bauer, CCM, Easton, Oakley, Reebok, Warrior among others. Top-of-the-line helmets include Bauer Re-AKT Combo, Bauer Titanium 9900, Oakley Pro Cut and much more.


Our wide selection of hockey gloves is available at a low price for junior, senior and youth league players. Hockey pros turn to Hockey Plus for the latest hockey gloves and other hockey gear. Customers can find the top brands that make high quality hockey gloves including Bauer, Eagle, Easton, CCM, Mission, Warrior and others.

Shoulder Pads

Whether you are starting out in the sport or are a seasoned professional, we have the shoulder pads you need for maximum protection. If you want to stay safe on the ice then shoulder pads should be on the top of your equipment list. Brands we carry include Reebok, Warrior, Sher-Wood, CCM, Bauer and more.

We offer these great products and more. Please feel free to browse our site for hockey gear and contact us with any questions you have. Step up your game today.