Senior Hockey Skates

You’re a great player and you want to look like a professional on the ice. Your skate level is high and it is time your feet reflected your image.

To help you up your game, Hockey Plus offers a wide range of senior ice hockey skates. You can take advantage of today’s best innovations in high-performance technology, increase your speed and handling with the ability to turn as you need, all in a stylish boot.


Senior skates need to be tough and support a full range of motion at a face pace. Every slip and trip can cost puck time or shift the pace of the game. Our Bauer collection covers multiple intensity levels so you can stay fully protected and have the responsiveness that you need.

Get the time-honored look of a Bauer skate with the latest innovations in new materials, improved supports and a better resting angle — that way you can push and glide with ease.

Bauer Supreme senior skates, and its many other lines, include top features like:

• Ankle padding that’s lightweight but durable.
• Three-piece felt tongues with abrasion-resistant guards.
• Lining materials designed to keep out moisture and odor.
• Formed footbed designed to give you grip without a slip.
• Ultra-lightweight vented composite construction.
• And much, much more.

Why Buy Senior Skates Online?

Buying skates online can be a concern for many. No one wants to waste money on the wrong pair or get something that isn’t the right size and have to wait for weeks for a return or replacement.
To help you get things right, our experts are always available over the phone so you can ask about comparable models, get help determining skate size and width, and learn about quick return options just in case.

Hockey Plus tries to be as hassle-free as possible for all of our online orders and extend you the same support available to all of our customers.

Hockey Plus Is Your Hockey Skate Destination

Hockey Plus can provide ice hockey skates that give you the edge you need at some of the most affordable rates in the industry. It’s manufactured precision that you can count on with each stride.
We are proud to stock a full range of Bauer lines like the Supreme senior skates. We can help you match your needs and your budget to the right pair of skates that will deliver the protection aggressive players need.

Never settle for a skate that doesn’t support your ankle or gives out after just a few weeks.

Hockey Plus has been providing high quality skates and gear for more than 20 years because we’re hockey lovers, too. We play on the weekends and always have a little fun in the store to make sure everything is tried and tested. Whether you visit us in person or buy Bauer senior skates online from our e-commerce store, you will get the best experience Hockey Plus has to offer.

Click above to browse our selection and be sure to ask our expert staff about comfort fits, price match guarantees and how to get free shipping on any order over $99.99.