CCM SkatesThe pro level design of CCM skates are engineered to provide athletes with comfort and optimum foot speed. CCM has been leading the hockey equipment industry because they have been making high quality skates for many years. From participants in youth leagues, to professional athletes, everyone has benefitted from wearing CCM skates. When it comes to innovation and advancement in the ice hockey skate industry, CCM takes the lead.
Vector U+
Vector U+ CCM skates feature a quick-drying material that allows for optimum comfort inside the boot. This also makes the skate become much lighter, which allows athletes to become faster. Many athlete use Vector U+ skates, including NHL all-stars. These skates have become popular over the years because they provide the athlete with a natural stride when skating and allows the athlete to turn at controlled, top speeds. Hockey Plus recommends Vector U+ skates for individuals who are serious about taking their game to a new level.
CCM Pro Tacks
The Pro Tacks series of ice skates were developed to bring the professional sport of hockey to a whole new level. Backed by 100 years of industry knowledge, and input from some of the greatest players to ever lace up a pair of skates, the Pro Tacks series of skates are so efficient that the ice may actually melt when playing!
CCM U+ Pro Reloaded
Made with U-shaped foam technology, CCM U+ Pro Reloaded skates provide true comfort for hockey players. The technology is beneficial for players because the foam technology fits to a player’s personal foot shape, making the skating experience comfortable throughout the duration of a game, practice, or training sessions. The design allows for optimum energy transfer, comfort and push-off.
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