Protect Yourself — and Your Game — With Bauer Shoulder Pads

Hockey Plus carries a top selection of shoulder pads to keep you going strong all game long. We offer the best in Bauer and Reebok hockey shoulder pads designed for all ages, and both ice and inline games. Outfit yourself with the best protective gear on the market so you can go for that hat trick every time.

We stock hockey pads designed to provide agility you need to excel in the fast-paced game of hockey. They’re strong but lightweight so you can move and maintain puck control without having to make adjustments on the fly. We want you to be confident in your ability to keep up no matter how punishing the game gets.

Match Your Padding Needs

The wrong kinds of shoulder pads can be constrictive. Instead of focusing on what’s taking place on the ice, you have to deal with uncomfortable equipment that prohibits your movement or gets in the way of your stick. If you buy a lesser brand, you may end up with shoulder pads that don’t provide the protection you need to stay safe.

You don’t have to compromise on speed or security when you browse the Hockey Plus selection of Bauer shoulder pads and Reebok hockey shoulder pads. These models balance your needs as a player with your wants as a parent, making them some of the most popular pads on the market. It’s nice knowing that when you buy Bauer hockey pads it’ll be comfortable on the kids, the wallet and the heart.

You Can’t Beat Hockey Plus Pricing or Service

For over 20 years, Hockey Plus has built our reputation on helping our customers find the equipment they need to take their game to the next level. We focus on reliable brands, and keep up to date on their thoroughly tested new gear — like Reebok hockey shoulder pads.

As you narrow down your search for shoulder pads, ask our staff about the differences between each model and the benefits that might not seem apparent. Learn if your little skater should stick with the shoulder pad and shirt combo, or if they’re ready to move up to a complete set of pads designed for growing bodies.

Determine the best overall fit for your player and make sure they’ll stay protected from the crown down by having the right guard for their shape.

All of our employees are hockey fans and hockey enthusiasts, and we know what it takes to excel on the ice. You’ll be able to buy with the confidence that comes with knowing you’re well-informed.
And be sure to ask about the Hockey Plus exclusive benefits including:

• Free shipping on orders of $99.99 or more.

• Assistance with online orders and sizing.

• Lowest price guarantee where we match the price any competitor offers on in-stock merchandise.

• 20 years of experience to help you strike the right balance of padding and mobility for the right activity level.

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